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Expired: Bonus Points on Best Spas, David Jones & Accor Hotels Cards at Woolworths

Bonus points from the big retailers has been the trend lately. Each big retailer has been offering bonus points to their own loyalty programs when purchasing selected gift cards. A smart idea for them but for us don’t we just love discounted gift cards more.

Currently at Woolworths supermarkets you can get the bonus points listed below on Best Spas, David Jones & Accor Hotels Gift Cards. Please note that 2000 Woolworths rewards points is equal to $10 value.

  • $50 Gift Card = 1000 Bonus Points
  • $100 Gift Card = 2000 Bonus Points
  • $200 Gift Card = 4000 Bonus Points

As you can see from the above if you convert the bonus point value to their value then you are effectively getting 10% off the cost of the gift card.

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